Before and After using Chi Health Machine

Swing Relaxing for 15 Minutes is Equivalent to the Result in Walking 10,000 Steps

See the computerize brain detail charts displaying the thermal engergy before and after using the Chi Health Machine. Before After

HEAD: Lie flat and put both feet onto the unit's left and right ankle base, the blood will flow smoothly from feet to the head. This way, it could allow oxygen and blood to circulate properly in order to achieve good looking, reviving body's fatigues, tensions, anemia, dizziness and other illness.

SPINE: Because human being spend longer time on standing or exercising, it often causes the spine postures imbalance. For this, it causes the spine to curve instead of correct postures and leads to repress. Chronic disease will begin to show up such as headache, ischium nerve affected & etc. Using the unit from zero starting point of swinging, nerves will repress the body weight that can then achieve the best result of oxygen circulation in the spine.

WAIST: With this unit exercising device, it can promote blood elimination, circulation, increase the quantity of oxygen contained in blood, eliminates the toxic waste out from the body, increase metabolism, transforms the body fats prior to consuming into thermal energy, thus, preserves the youthful skin.

STOMACH: While doing the swinging exercise of the spine, the organ of the body can attain massage that penetrates into the body's digestive system, allow good breathing of the heart, achieves oxygen that can change some of the chronic illness.

FEET: Place the feet on the ankle base, allowing the body to relax while swinging. Adjusting the unit system properly in order to allow good blood circulation, healing the numbness and coldness of the feet and letting one have a healthy b body.

Chi Health Machine

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