80% of Chronic Disease problems are linked to the Spine

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Related organs & problem areas
Improvable problems
Eyes, ears, nose, chest
Headaches, pseudomyopia
Heart, throat, hands, eyes
Sore Shoulders
Trachea, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, eyes, ears
Asthma, sore shoulders, low blood pressure,
stomach ulcers, heart problems
Lungs, heart stomach, liver, eyes, ears
Asthma, diabetes, hemorrhoids, poor stomach function, poor liver function
Stomach, liver, adrenal gland, diaphragm
Diabetes, poor stomach function, poor liver function
Kidneys, bladder, womb
Sore back, poor stomach function, diabetes,
poor liver function
Large intestine, bladder, caecum, stomach, liver
Loss of energy, pseudomyopia
Feet, large intestine, bladder, prostate
Loss of energy, swollen prostate
Bladder, reproductive organs, anus
Loss of energy, hemorrhoids, swollen prostate
The Spine
Our spine is the main support of our upper bodies. It lets us stand up straight, bend or twist. It also encases and protects the spinal cord. The nerves branch out from our spine to the rest of our bodies.

The spine is made up of vertebrae. At the top are the cervical vertebrae. There are 7 of them and they are referred to as C1-C7, starting at the top. The seventh one joins to the first of the thoracic vertebrae. These are the 12 that run down the back and provide a place for our ribs to attach. They are referred to as T1-T12, again from the top down. The lower inward curve of our back is made up of the five lumbar vertebrae. They are called L1-L5. Below that comes a set of 5 fused vertebrae called the sacrum that lies between the hip bones. Lastly comes the coccyx or the tailbone, another set of fused vertebrae.

The vertebrae join together at what are called the facet joints. Between each of the vertebrae are the disks, which provide cushioning and act as shock absorbers.

Traveling down the center of the spine is the spinal cord and at each of the vertebrae, nerves branch out through what are called the foramen to the rest of the body.

Type of Problems linked to Spine

Migraine, insomnia, dizziness, amnesia, numbness in facial nerves, ear inflammation, ringing in the ears, high blood pressure, pustulence, tonsillitis, cataracts, myopia, sore throat

Swelling thyroid, hardened neck muscles, stiff neck, pain in upper body nerves, numbness, lack of strength, tracheal inflammation, asthma, heart disease, liver disease, diseased stomach function, diabetes, allergies, inflamed kidneys, arthritis, rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, stone formation, apoplexy, decrease in immune system function

Constipation, dysentery, hernia, varicose veins, period pains, sciatica, painful knees, difficulty in urinating, too-frequent urination, weak legs, painful soles of feet, urinaemia

Different leg lengths, bladder inflammation, tilted womb, inflammation of the caecum, hemorrhoids, difficulties in getting pregnant

Cervical vertebrae

Thoracic vertebrae

Lumbar vertebrae

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