Chi Health Machine - Improved Model, Second Generation

More Oxygen in your Body - Just lie down and relax - Balances the spine

Major Benefits of Oxygenating Body
chi machine
More oxygen to the body for over-all health improvement
Enhancement of the brain function for clearer thinking and alertness
More oxygen to the muscles to increase energy and performance
More oxygen to skin cells for healthier, younger looking skin
Enhanced metabolism and waste removal
Enhancement of the body's ability to fight bacteria and viruses
Better absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

Since 2003, over 500,000 SECOND GENERATION model - chi health machine has been sold worldwide. People are using chi health machines daily to improve their health.

The new chi health machine is ergonomically designed to allow for different angles and different shapes of users. The new ankle base consists of a pliable PU support that is easily removable for cleaning purposes and resists rupture. It is designed to yield to strong pressure, accommodating the weight of the user. The swinging / twisting pattern of the newly designed device can naturally accommodate different body shapes and weights of users. The effective twist is in accordance with high ergonomic standards.
The newly designed device uses plastic with high temperature grinding resistance, pounding resistance, strong alkali / acid resistance, high adhesiveness and the highest engineering PS smoothness. The base incorporates a concave protruding surface strengthening the ribbed steel plate (will not warp or rupture).

Chi Health Machine is simple and fun to use!

DO YOU have problems with:

Lack of exercise and poor circulation
Tired and sore muscles
Poor digestion, constipation
Arthritis, back pain, bone spurs
Nervousness, general pain and insomnia Poor functioning of internal organs
Asthma and tracheal inflammation Menstrual pain, anemia
Many chronic condition  

The Chi Health Machines can help you!

The Chi Health Machine provides an effortless 'work-out' for the whole body, regardless of age, health or fitness. Improving physical, mental and emotional health.

The Chi Health Machine 'work-out' is done while lying down with no pressure or tension applied on any part of your body, therefore no risk of injury. Heartbeat and blood pressure do not increase.

The Chi Health Machine offers a full body massage inside and out. The Chi Health Machine increases oxygen levels, improves blood circulation, balances the spine, cleanses, relaxes and tones the body.

The Chi Health Machine is simple to use and portable, providing a convenient way to exercise and relax. The Chi Health Machine will leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Chi Shaker(Exerciser) - CM1
Chi Health Swing Shaker
The Chi Shaker uses a smooth rocking motion to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body. Regular use of this relaxing massager helps exercise the body. Heavy Duty Exerciser with Multi Speed. More details

USD $189.00
Chi Swing - CM2
Chi Machine HJ 703
The Chi Swing balances the Chi force in your body through its smooth lateral swinging motion. Regular use of this relaxing massager helps exercise the body. More details

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Chi Energizer (Chi Vitalizer) - CM3
Chi Health Energizer
Chi Energizer improves the internal energy or Chi, by moving the body in a fish-like back and forth lateral movement that slowly moves through the spine. More details

USD $235.00
Chi Flow - CM4
Chi Health Flow
The Chi Flow Machine is an effortless aerobic exerciser that oxygenates the body and revitalizes the CHI through a snakelike action, which is exerted on the spine while in a supine position.
More details

USD $245.00
* The online shipping charge is for North American destination only. The international shipping price will be * subject to the destination and confirmed by email.
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More Benefits Derived from the Chi Health Machine

Cellular Activation:
Massage stimulation to the sympathetic nervous system opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs. Simultaneously the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.

Spinal Balancing:
With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight on the spine, the Chi Health Machine massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of misalignment. Such corrective action can in turn cure or alleviate complications arising in vertebrae joints from certain spinal misalignment

Improving The Immune System: The Chi Health Machine stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system's difference capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.

Blood Production: Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of spleen blood production can arise from the spleen's susceptibility to damage. The massager's action on the spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which increases spinal 'marrow' blood production. Any form of anemia can be benefited by this massage action.

Restoration Of Balance To The Automatic Nervous System: If the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain. palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may surface. The influence of the massager on the sympathetic nervous system can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health from such conditions.

Exercising Internal Organs: Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus healing and good health on a life force energy which flows in channels through all living forms. Acupuncture and associated therapies are being increasingly used by western practitioners to 'invigorate' the life4orce energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs. The Chinese refer to this energy as 'Chi'. The Chi Health Machine will aid in unblocking the 'Chi' pathways and ensure a maximum flow of this heating source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improved functioning to Impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.

Health benefits of Chi Health Machine:
The Chi Health Machine has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, with many remarkable benefits reported by users

  • More energy; a greater sense of well-being
  • ber and more limber spine and joints
  • Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks
  • Sounder and more restful sleep
  • Greater ease in getting going in the morning
  • ber immune system --- fewer or no colds
  • Better stamina
  • Alleviation of many stress-related conditions ---headaches (including migraines), anxiety, depression, constipation, etc.
  • Improved function of internal organs
  • Improved circulation of the blood
History of Chi Health Machine

In Chinese, "Chi" (or "Qi") means "Life Force" and "Life Energy". The Chi Health Machine was designed to move the body in a simple side to side movement. This swinging movement gently moves the body side to side, causing blood or "Chi" to circulate throughout the body in a more efficient manner.

Chi Health Machine enforce your Chi provide more control and option than the first generation.

chi machine gold fish
Compare Chi Health Machine Models
Voltage (Volts)
110 / 220
110 / 220
110 / 220
Motor (Watts)
40 / 80
40 / 80
variable speed
variable speed
variable speed
single speed
1 year
1 year
1 year
1 year
speed control revolutionized
pendulum lateral motion
(15 min)
Unique Motor
3 Modes
LCD panel control
(15 min)
Programmable Random and Variable speeds
(20 min)
Heavy duty timer
(15 min)

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