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Ultrasonic Beauty
Ultrasound therapy explained
Physical foundation of ultrasound
Benefits of Ultrasound for Skin Care

  Ultrasound Therapy for Cosmetic purposes
  Are You Giving Your Face the Basic Skin Care?

Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna Models:

Steam Portable Steam Sauna - Deluxe Spa - PS1
Portable Steam Sauna - Classic Spa – PS2
Portable Steam Sauna - Happy Home Spa – PS3


  What are the benefits of Steam Sauna ?
  Steam & Sauna Bathing offers multiple rejuvenating & healing benefits
  How to Detoxify Your Body and Why is important?

Infrared Sauna

Infared Sauna Models:

  Portable Infrared Sauna - HOT Sauna – PI1
  Portable Infrared Sauna - Classic PI2 +PI3


  What is Infrared?
  The benefits of Infrared Ray Therapy
  Is Infrared Sauna Effective?
  Far Infrared Ray Therapy
  What the Researchers say about Far Infrared
  Near, Mid & Far Infrared Explained
  Far Infrared Sauna vs. Conventional Sauna

Chi Health Machine


  Chi Machine Models


  How Does the Chi Health Machine Improve Your Health?
  Major Health benefits of the Chi Health Machine
  Your Body Thermal Energy before and after using Chi Health Machine
  Spine - 80% of Chronic Disease Problems are linked to the Spine
  Oxygenating the body and why it is important
  How to use the Chi Health Machine?
  Three fitted postures when using Chi Health Machine

Neck Pain Relief
Weight Loss


  Crassul Sauna Belt


  7 Easy Steps to Health Weight Loss
  Losing Weight While Keeping Your Skin Firm
  How To Get Great Body Shape-Stay Fit And Healthy

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