Basic Neck Traction NT3 / NT4

Easily Adjustable home cervical traction therapy device with effortless pumping and neck cushion

Your Neck Pain solution

There is an easier way to treat most neck problems, the Basic Neck Traction Device, an air-inflated neck-stretching device that allows you to treat yourself right on the spot.

Because of the several built-in air chambers, the Basic Neck traction Traction provides an effective, gentle, even traction particularly suitable for elderly or arthritic people.

neck traction device

It is portable and light weight. The basic neck traction can be taken anywhere to massage your neck. No assembly or batteries are required to operate the unit. The simplicity of the design makes it the ideal tool for home or office use. No longer do you have to wait until you get home to seek relief, or lie on the floor to use another product.

The Basic Neck Traction is indicated for tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck pain, tension headaches, osteoarthritis, swollen discs, straightening of the neck and for degenerative discs or joints. The user should consult a medical professional if preexisting conditions exist.

Neck Massager with 3 Magnetic
Neck Massager with Magnetic
Basic Neck Traction 5 Layers
Model:Basic Neck Traction NT3
Material: Rubber
Max Rising High:14cm / 5.5inch
Basic Neck Traction 7 Layers
Model: Basic Neck Traction NT4
Material: Rubber
Max Rising High:20cm / 7.9inch

Benefits of Basic Neck Massager
benefits neck traction
Anatomically corrects traction safely
Comfortably supports head and neck
Exerts force evenly and gently
Supports normal curvature of cervical spine
Gentle traction release
Easy-to-use and convenient for the elderly
Light and portable for traveling
Neck Traction Device Components explained
neck traction usage
1. Air pump
2. Air valve Conduit
3. Conduit
4. Blocker
5. Blocker holder
6. Lining pad for occiput and mandible
7. Multi - layer air chamber
How Basic Neck Traction works:
A. Detail of the ball valve for blocking the air flow
0 A1 Open
0 A2 Closed

B. Detail of the valve for deflation
0 B1 Turn for deflation
0 B2 Turn for air inlet
Simply place the Basic Neck Traction around your neck and Velcro it together in the back (after first choosing the correct size).  
Squeeze the inflation bulb until you begin feeling the desired amount of stretch/relief.
Start with a gentle stretch for 1-2 minutes at first. Gradually increase as your neck becomes more flexible.  
Slowly open the air release valve to release the pressure. Then remove the product. Doing a few gentle neck stretches (listed in the illustrated instruction sheet) adds further benefit to your session.  
Use at your own convenience while Watching TV Working on Computers, Reading, Traveling, Reclining or Relaxing, etc.

how to use neck traction


Operation Use
  1. Place Neck Traction Device around neck, adjust the circle to appropriate size and fix the nylon strap in the front.
  2. Fasten the air-release screw before pumping.
  3. Adjust the clutching condition in the lower part of the circle, and traction angle as comfort dictates or as prescribed by your doctor.
  4. Hand pump until your neck is resting comfortably. After pumping, place the ball into the upper pipe to prevent the air from leaking out.
  5. The machine may be used 20-30 minutes for medium and minor traction, and 1-3 minutes for major traction.
  6. Begin gently with medium and minor traction, then moving on to major traction if comfortable. Treatment should occur 2-3 times daily for 10-20 days.
  7. Only use as prescribed by your doctor if applying to serious injury.
  8. After treatment, push back the ball first, expelling air as gradually as possible by slowly turning the screws. Do not squeeze the device.
Safety and Precautions:
  • Do not sleep with the Air Neck Traction. Do no use it as a neck brace. Do not use with acute neck strains or sprains.
  • Follow your doctor's directions if prescribed and relax as much as possible during treatment.
  • If discomfort occurs appears during the treatment, expel air slowly, adjust angulations and strength until discomfort disappears, then try again.
  • When doing medium or major traction, you may prefer to close the low-pressure air chamber before pumping is finished so that the upper air chamber remains comfortably soft.
  • Major traction must be done after 30-60 minutes of minor or medium traction. Repositioning of traction must follow doctor's directions.
  • If the valve appears to repel air during pumping, use a wooden toothpick to poke the air intake in the bottom of valve. Avoid sharp objects or forceful handling of Neck Traction Device during use.
  • Avoid sharp objects or forceful handling of Neck Basic traction device during use.
  • Avoid leaving Neck Traction Device full of air when unused.
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