FAQ Photon Facial Massagers

Can the Photon Facial Massager be used with other skin care products? 

Yes, you can use skin care products with the Photon Facial Massager, except those containing light-reactive ingredients.

What substances could  result in qualitative changes with light? 

Substance that are light reactive, such as vitamins C, may incite qualitative changes.

Can this be used if I have sensitive skin, Rosacea or bad acne? 

Yes. However, the Photon Facial Massager should be kept at a slight distance from the skin.

Can I use Photon Facial Massager while wearing make up? 

This is not recommended. 

Can I use Photon Facial Massager while using other skin care products?

If the product does not contain any light reactive substances, Photon Facial Massager may enhance the positive results from the other skin care products. 

How long will it take to see changes in my skin? 

 Skin Problem or Condition

 Time to Noticeable Results

 Skin Rejuvenation       Few Days - Few Weeks
 Anti-Inflammatory Effect    Few Days - Few Weeks
 Control and Treatment of Inflammation   Few Minutes - Few Hours
 Improved Circulation   Few Minutes
 Relaxation of Tight Muscles        Few Minutes - Few Days
 Trigger Point Stimulation   Immediately
 Skin Cell Regeneration     Few Days

What is the cost for the Photon Facial Massager? 

Unlike other treatments and devices on the market, the Photon Facial Massager is affordable, and there is no need to travel to a salon or spa for treatment. You can treat yourself at home at any time - the more you use the product, the faster it you will see results. 

Can I go outdoors after treatment? 

Normal laser treatments require at least one week's protection from outdoor sunlight, but with the Photon Facial Massager there are no restrictions. 

Is there any pain when using the Photon Facial Massager? 

Never. When using Photon Facial Massager to exfoliate the skin, a tingling or heating sensation may be felt. However, this sensation should never feel painful or unpleasant. If pain occurs, stop use.

What is the difference between Photon Facial Massager and Normal Laser?


Photon Facial Massager

Normal Laser

Optical Characteristics Non-Parallel, Non-Coherent, Multi-Wavelength Parallel, Coherent, Single Wavelength
Wavelength 300 - 1000 nm Single Specific Wavelength
Sphere of Action Large Sphere of Action, Easy to Treat Large Areas Small Sphere of Action, Focused Treatment of Small Spots
Treatment Course Mild, Warm  Intense, Hot
Pain No Pain Painful, Anesthesia Required
Recovery Time No Wound or Abrasions About One Week Required for Recovery
Advantages Mild Treatment Will Not Affect Normal Work Schedule or Sleep Immediate Effect, Focused To Single Small Target
Disadvantages Multiple Treatments Required For Desired Effect, Time To Results May Be Slower, Broader Treatment Of Larger Areas, Not Focused Resulting Skin Irritation and Wounds Require Special Care, Dark Pigmented Areas May Appear

Are all skin types suitable for use with Photon Facial Massager? 

Yes. Pulsed light therapy is suitable for all people and all skin types.

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