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Get Benefits from the latest technology Offered For The Beauty Industry!

The new Photon Facial Massager was designed with the highest standards of beauty, safety, and operative skin science in mind. The Photon Facial Massager is suitable for all skin types, and for both men and women. For skin problems, such as unwanted pigmentation, discoloration, redness, flushing, broken blood vessels and spider veins, sun damage and mottled coloration, the Photon Facial Massager will provide unexpectedly drastic improvements.

During treatment, some people may experience a mild local skin reaction to heat. Please do not worry - this is a natural reaction resulting from the increased rate of new cell production and healing. As you continue to use the Photon Facial Massager, the smoothness, quality, texture and appearance of your skin will significantly and visibly improve.

Photon Facial Massager will provide skin rejuvenation resulting from the enhanced metabolism in the skin. The dead skin cells on the surface of your skin will be removed. Following decortication, healthier skin will appear.

Dry & Rough Skin
When the pulsed light energy penetrates the layers of dry or rough skin, then is absorbed by the skin cells, the moisture absorption rate of the skin is enhanced. After only a short treatment, skin smoothness should return.

During the treatment of acne spots or scars, the Photon Facial Massager will enhance local metabolic activity, and the acne spot will temporarily show. After a short time, the acne will improve, the small surface capillaries will gradually become small and the scar will disappear.

Appearance of Dark Skin
As a result of the enhanced local metabolism in the skin from use of the Photon Facial Massager, some melanin pigment may be drawn to the skin surface. This may cause the skin to temporarily appear darker than usual. However, after a few weeks of continued use, the pigmented cuticle will be removed and your skin will appear clear and pure.

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