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Testimonials from Satisfied Users

Jennifer Tse, Hong Kong:
Problem: Oily Skin
Balance the Oily Type Skin; Reduce the Oily Problem

I have an oily skin type and have tried many ways to cure my skin problem. Although the oily situation was improved to some degree by other products, it resulted in the development of other skin problems, such as acne. Photon Beauty helps control the oily skin on my face and my acne problem has shown an obvious improvement after only short-term treatment.

Charlotte Joanes, Liverpool, UK:
Problem: Mixed Skin
Polish - Clear

Keeping healthy looking, clear skin is what every woman is looking for. My long work hours daily cause my skin condition to weather under stress. Since I have started using the Photon Beauty, it has only taken 20-30mins everyday to see an improvement in my skin. The lines and wrinkles are disappearing while my skin tone has brightened - the texture of my skin also feels improved. All my customers notice a change now and say I look almost 10 years younger - I'd say this machine is doing its job. Thanks!

Alison Barth, Tampa, FL:
Problem: Dry Skin
Texture, fine lines and unwanted spots

I am very pleased with the results that I've achieved with the use of Photon Beauty. It's significantly reduced in many cases my wrinkles - even eliminating some completely! Many people have asked if I had a facelift, and I told them that all the improvements are due to this amazing Photon Beauty. My husband says its like he has a new beautiful wife!

Chloe Harris, Oakland, CA:
Problem: Unsightly Skin
Common acne, dermatitis

I had serious problems with my skin during childhood. Since then, my skin has been broken out and my pores appeared very large. However after beginning use of the Photon Beauty, I have seen a very big change in the texture and appearance of my skin. Now, after just six treatments, my pores appear smaller and my complexion has cleared. I am very pleased with the results and I look forward to using my Photon Beauty each day. It is really a miracle.

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