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What is FAR Infrared Sauna?

The sun is our principal source of infrared heat. As the sun's rays hit the surface of the earth, what we perceive as heat is in fact far infrared waves. Infrared heat is essential for all life. When you lie on the beach you are soaking up infrared heat. Unfortunately you are also receiving direct damaging ultra-violet rays. FIR heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. The invisible and very safe far infrared heat produced by an infrared sauna is able to penetrate well below the skin, which enables the body to sweat at temperatures of 110 - 140 F (much lower temperatures than conventional saunas).

Our FAR infrared sauna is an elegant enhancement to any home environment, not to mention your own personal high-tech healing tool. Use it wisely, use it often! Infrared heat penetrates your body 1.5 to 2 inches deep, causing 2-3 times more sweat, and shakes out 300-500% more toxins...more even than working out or using conventional saunas.

Detoxify your body by removing the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium and cholesterol. Toxins in our bodies are generally acidic. Where toxins accumulate, blood circulation is blocked. Far Infrared therapy is effective in expanding clogged cappillary vessels and successful in dissolving the toxins into the blood and out of the body via urine and perspiration. Watch fat and toxins literally spill out of your's like a total workout-without lifting a finger! Relax in the comfort of dry infrared heat, read a book, or listen to your favorite CD in the privacy of your own Infrared Sauna.

  Infrared Sauna
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