Benefits of Steam Sauna

What will a Steam Sauna do for you?

Help improve blood circulation
Strengthen the cardiovascular system
Ease joint pain and stiffness (without toxic side-effects)
Remove toxins and mineral waste
Relax muscles and increases flexibility and relieve pain
Burn calories
Reduce stress and fatigue and lift depression
Deep cleanse skin and total-body cleansing
Improve and heal acne and other related skin problems
Reduce colds and flu by strengthening the immune system
Relieve chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and hay fever (regular sauna users have fewer respiratory tract infections)
steam sauna room
What you should do before Steam Sauna?

Exercise before you use the steam sauna, not after .
Use a body brush to dry-brush your entire body before the steam sauna. This will promote faster sweating and stimulate your lymphatic system.
Make use of the restroom facilities prior to using the steam sauna
Spend 6 -15 minutes in the steam sauna. Do not sit with your feet hanging down.
Relax and close your eyes. Perspire freely as the Steam Sauna does its work.
After the time is up, take a cold shower (getting wet from the feet up) and spend an equal amount of time drying off, cooling down and relaxing. You may want to wear a robe so as to prevent chills.
Repeat the above process at least 2 times - 3 times if you can spare the time.
Using the sauna sans clothing is best; a full bathing suit will trap the heat next to your body, which will hinder evaporation and result in overheating your body.
Drink water to replenish lost fluids after the steam sauna.
Eat lightly and don't smoke afterwards.
If possible, full body massage will further increase the benefits of the Steam Sauna. Remember to rehydrate after massage.
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