Bio-Magnetic Suction Cupping Device


Suction Cupping has adopted the advantage of traditional cups and avoided the weakness of conventional cups. The cups are transparent so that the change of the skin and bleeding within the cup is easily observable, and duration of cupping is well controlled. Since this method does not use fire, there is no danger of burning the skin, and the negative pressure inside the cup is controllable based on each patient's respective condition. The Suction Cupping appliance, is practically unbreakable, convenient, safe and suitable for both hospital and family use.

High quality and durable cupping set with pistol grip hand vacuum pump(suction pump) and 12 cups. Lightweight, break resistant and anti-aging plastic. Supplies in different sizes and comes with a detailed user's manual which includes diagram, photograph and operate method illustration. This unique 12 piece Kangzhu Biomagnetic Cupping Set is specially design and incorporates several Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies which combines together can produce remarkable results! The Biomagnetic Needles (magnetic field 2000 ~ 2500 gauss) performing with constant, spring adjusted pressure to the skin and can be easily removed from the center of each Cup and easily installed back.

Suction Cups produce vacuums on the body's surface by manually withdrawing the air through the suction gun, rather than the traditional way of burning up oxygen. If you think of massage in terms of positive pressure (pressing in on body tissues), then you can think of Massage Suction Cupping as a negative pressure, drawing body tissues outward from the body, to stimulate them with a reverse massage. The skin is pressed up against the "needles" or points, when they are used. These points are magnetized, in the "Biomagnetic" sets.

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Bio Magnetic Suction Cupping Therapy Set

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This Air Neck Traction Comforter is small and light, utilizes a powerful dynamic neck collar with a wide traction range. It automatically protects the cervical tract after inflation, using its inner latex chamber and comfortable fabric cover. We have two types of Air Neck Traction Pro:

1. 6 Cup Bio Magnetic Suction Cupping Set
Suction Cupping 6
$ 59.00 USD
Now $ 39.00 USD
2. 12 Cup Bio Magnetic Suction Cupping Set
Suction Cupping 12
$ 79.00 USD Now $ 59.00 USD
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