TDP Lamp CQ-12 Desk-top Model

This Desktop model is Great for traveling and personal us

The CQ-12 Desktop offers the same benefits (same power) as our other TDP lamps but in a smaller package that will fit on your desktop for easy operation.

TDP Lamp CQ 12
Raises temperature in tissue
Expansion of capillary vessels
Rejuvenation of cells
Promotion of blood circulation
Helps to move toxins from cells
Improvement in Lymphatic system
 Spectrum Range  2 ~ 25Microns
 Power Supply  220V or 110V
 Power Consumption  <= 250W
 Extension of Supporter (mm)  200 ~ 400
 Elevation (degree)  >270
 Azimuth (degree)  >50
 Lifetime of Curing Mineral Plate  >=1500 hours
 Diameter of Curing Mineral Plate  116 mm
 Auto - Timer  Mechanical, 0~ 60 min
USD $89.00
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