Physical foundation of ultrasound

The unit of the rate of ultrasound is Hertz and that of the intensity (the density of the output power) of ultrasound is Watt, while the action strength is W/cm2, i.e. one unit of output intensity working on one square centimeter. We have to set for different intensities for different purposes, or else powerful ultrasound could hurt very much like a keen knife. However, the kind of ultrasound is not so easy for common people to touch with.
There are two kinds of waveforms that common ultrasound devices provide. One is continuous waveform and the other, pulses. The difference between the two is that the pulse waveform, unlike the continuous one having heat efficacy, produces more powerful output suddenly in every circle. It is better for us to treat certain abnormalities. Hence, we use it on the field of therapy rather than the others. On the other hand, heat helps beautification so much that we prefer the continuous waveform.

The rate of ultrasound  
The rate of ultrasound means the numbers of vibration occurred in a second. Hertz is the unit of measurement. 1000 wave circles occurring in one second means 1000Hz, 10000 wave circles, 10000Hz. As to ultrasound, over 20000Hz, it is not to be heard by human beings. At present, the ultrasound devices for both medicine and beauty are ranged from 1MHz to 5MHz or so.

The intensity of ultrasound  
The intensity of ultrasound is measured as Watt, while the action strength is W/cm2, i.e. one unit of output intensity working on one square centimeter. Passed through the safe test, the safe standard of continuous waveform is 1W/cm2 and pulse waveform, 240mW/cm2. For instance, shattering the stones inside the body needs 10W/cm2 of ultrasound. Cleaning equipment uses 10 to 100W/cm2. Continuous ultrasound of 0.5~3 W/cm2 affects the transmission of the peripheral nerves obviously. 5~10 minutes 2~3 W/cm2 causes the axis cylinder of the sciatic nerve to bulge up and then block the nervous pulses. As to beautification, the action strength must be much lesser, for not over-stimulating the tissues. On the face, the output is 0.5W/cm2, to muscles, 1~2W/cm2. That is why almost all beauty devices limit the highest output. The higher output is used on the body or to relieve the sore and pain of the muscles, the lower output, to the facial beautification. The output level of action strength is displayed as following:

Low output <0.3W/cm2
Middle output 0.3~1.2W/cm2
High output 1.2~3W/cm2

The wave property of ultrasound
Now we understand that ultrasound is used in wide range. Besides, the feature of the wave itself plays an important role too. When the waves contact with matters, they would reflex different types of waveforms back. Therefore, dense waves like the ones produced by ultrasound would supply more delicate readouts. We take the advantage to distinguish the baby's sex, detect shoals of fishes, etc.
These foundations mentioned above bring us three best efficacy of ultrasound that we will explain later. So far we recognize that not only the tiny bubbles remove away tiny dirt, the heat also accelerates the metabolism and blood circulation. It is applied as a new way to solve healthy troubles in modern days.
One who experienced ultrasound may feel nothing but a little warm. Nevertheless, we can not neglect the long-time stimulation, for it causes the dermis tissue fatigued. Generally speaking, the maximum time is suggested not over 15 minutes. On the body, 10-15 minutes is suitable, on face, about 10. As to the guys over weight, prolonging few minutes would be fine. The time between two treatments is better over than 5 hours.

The transmission of ultrasound
Ultrasound can not transmit in the air. If the treatment head does not completely contact with the skin, the result would not meet your expectation. Researches display, the transmission proportion of ultrasound in the air is 0, about 50% in general water, 60% in distilled water, near 70% in glue matter, and above 70% in special gel. Besides, another efficacy of ultrasound is to promote the skin absorbing outside matters, no matter nutrition or dirt. Hence, the transmission is worthy to be noticed. Except cleaning your skin before using ultrasound device, we also suggested you use special gels or creams (they must be certified by hygiene organization) in case side effects.
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