Are You Giving Your Face the Basic Skin Care?

Many people take facial care for granted. They forget that skin care has several basic rules.

First, your skin needs to be kept as clean as possible. Second, the skin needs to be protected from sunlight and other environmental harms. The skin of the face needs even more attention than the rest of the body because it has more oil glands, especially the central forehead, eye areas, nose and chin. One needs to perform a brief morning session for the facial skin and a longer cleaning and moisturizing before going to bed.

In the morning you should clean your face with lukewarm water and a creamy cleanser or purifying gel wash. Avoid bar soap because this strips the natural moisturizing factors from the skin, leaving it feeling very tight and dry. Do not rub the skin dry, instead, blot it gently with a towel. Your morning facial care can be done in the shower or at the sink.

The evening starts just like the morning. First, you should clean your face with lukewarm water and a creamy cleanser or purifying gel wash. These skin cleansers will remove your make-up at the same time you wash your face.

Never go to bed with your make-up on. Make-up that is left on overnight clogs the pores and prevents the skin cells from shedding, which may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. The skin needs to breathe over night.

The most important thing that you can do for your facial skin is to avoid sunlight or use liberal amounts of sunscreen. Sunlight causes the skin to age and causes skin cancer, which is the most common malignancy in humans. The most common location for these tumors is the face. If you do not believe that the sun ages your skin, then look at the skin under your upper arm and compare it to the skin on your face and the back of the hands.

Alpha hydroxy acid applied daily will help prevent acne out breaks if you have acne prone skin. If you have acne and the above measures do not help, see your dermatologist. There are many prescription treatments for acne or try our ultrasound beauty skin devices. Once you have your skin care regimen down, it will only take five to ten minutes a day.

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