Ultrasonice Therapy explained

Ultrasound has been used on shattering calculi, making out the fetus sex, researching dolphin's language, training dogs, and cleaning contact lens. Unconsciously, ultrasonic products become the daily commodities in our life. Looking at the goods shelves, all we have to do is to stretch out the arms and get it. However, lots of people are lost in the vastly technological products. Actually, ultrasound, a high technological jewel, is going to renew and light up our life.

What is ultrasound?  
Sound is transformed like a wave, with different sizes and densities; different waves emit high and low sounds. The human's hearing range is from 20 to 18000Hz. The higher the Hz is, the higher the tone we hear. Like the strings of a violin, the thinnest one always produces the highest sound. Ultrasound is undetectable to humans. In engineering, any rate over 20000Hz is called ultrasound, i.e. the threshold above 20000 vibrations per second.
To our hearing, ultrasound is inaudible, but to many animals, it is heard clearly. For example, a bat can respond to 20 thousands to 200 thousands Hz of ultrasound. A dolphin or whale can also discriminate between hundreds of thousands Hz of ultrasound. If ultrasound means nothing to our sense of hearing, what can we do with it? We can take the advantage of its density and speed in more subtle methods. First of all, we must know exactly how ultrasound can benefit us.
The development of ultrasound  
Research on ultrasound began at the start of the First World War (1914), when the Allied forces used it to detect Germany submarines. Except for military purposes, it was only used for underwater research - until 1927, when the United States began to use ultrasound in bio-chemical research. In 1928, using ultrasound, the eastern Germans ran experiments to attempt curing loss of hearing and otosclerosis, and by 1939, ultrasonic therapy was born. Although theultrasonic development was interrupted by the Second World War, the UK and other countries actively refined ultrasonic therapy for rehabilitative purposes in postwar years.  
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