Ultrasonic Beauty Skin Device UM1 (For Personal Skin Care)

Product Information:

The safest ultrasonic beauty / skin care device specially designed for beautifying skin and managing fatty textures, 3MHz, no harm to your facial bone and muscles, with exclusively pre-heated function, can help enhancing the heat effect and promoting beautification with Phonophoresis Technique. 10~15 minutes each day and 3~28 days a beauty session. Ultrasonic massage excites the skin cells and enforces their contraction, effectively preventing the skin aging process and looseness. Rebuild up your skin as tight and firm as the young. The ultrasonic heat can be transformed into hypodermics and increase blood and lymph circulation, accelerates fat dissolution, drain out body waste and remold your figure.

    High frequency (3MHz) ultrasonic micro-massage can revives your skin to original vitality in 3-28 days. High frequency Ultrasound transmits into the skin surface to clean the facial dirt, remove the freckles and wrinkles, and enforce the expel the scraps of skin.

  • 10-15 minutes each day and 3-28 days per beauty session
  • 3-7 days to purification: Remove old cuticles thoroughly and cures acne. Dissolves fat to be excreted as urine.
  • 10-21 days to revive and firm the skin: Smooths away wrinkles, and lightens spots. It is especially effective on stretch marks.
  • 7-21 days to smooth skin: Ultrasonic vibrations stimulate muscle and skin cells to delaying aging and looseness, resulting in healthy looking skin.
  • 2-4 weeks to a curvier body: Accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, dissolves fat and reshapes the body.

• 3MHz of ultrasound (higher MHz treats smaller muscles) rejuvinates your face and remold body curve.
• Auto timer setting OFF
• Metal treatment head will not reduce working effect and would provide better heat radiation, prolonging the usage life
• Suitable size of treatment head is readily and smoothly used even around the nose edge, pouch eyelid, and so on
• Efficacy: Deep cleansing, cuticle removal
• Heat massage, fat dissolution
• Beauty care products specially designed for both petite and plus-sized body types.
• Easy-to-grip handle.
• Plastic cover, lightweight and easy to clean.
• Exclusive 'pre-heated' function helps enhance the heat effect and promote deep tissue stimulation.
• Metal treatment head provides efficient heat radiation, prolonging usage life.
• Specially designed treatment head is safe and easy to use even around the nose, eyelids, etc.
• Ultrasonic beauty is light and convenient for beauty care at home or while traveling.
• Conserves battery life by having a automatic OFF timer.
• Pocket sized portability.

Dimension and Specification:

Power source: Operated by AC adaptor
Frequency: 3 MHz
Mode: Pulsed wave
Treatment area: 3.8 cm2
Timer setting: 15 minutes auto off
Dimensions: 50 x 45 x 190 mm
Weight: 200 grams

Additional info:
Approval and Certification:
International Standard Organization ISO 9001 Certified Quality System, USA/FDA 510K, UL/CSA American Underwriter Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association, CE MARK, EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility), GMP/ROC.

Uses and Benefits:
• Deep cleansing & cuticle removal: The high frequency of ultrasonic vibrations penetrates into skin hair follicles to remove old & dead cuticles, grime and the oily obstructions that cause acne, while making your skin soft and tender.

• Heat massage & fat reduction: The ultrasonic heat can be transmitted into the hypodermis, while increasing blood and lymph circulation, accelerating fat dissolution, draining bodily waste and easily remolding your figure.

• Revive skin & smooth wrinkles: Massaging your skin with ultrasound for 10 to 15 minutes daily can stimulate cell renewal. The effect is evident especially when smoothing stretch marks and wrinkles.

• Skin reshaping - firm and soft: Ultrasonic massage stimulates cell renewal and exfoliates old skin cells. Return your skin to its youthful, and firm state.

Safety and precautions:
IMPORTANT: the ultrasound device emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that it cannot be seen or felt by the surface of our skin - so don't think your Ultrasound Massager isn't working!

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