Ultrasonic Beauty Body Massager – UB1

Product Information

Ultrasonic waves warm your body and emits heat to reach deep into the skin. Revitalize your circulation, and shape
your body while giving yourself a deep massage!

The Ultrasonic Body Massager provides 100,000x supersonic stimulation to remove freckles and wrinkles, accelerate body metabolism, circulate blood, stimulate cells, purify and smoothen your skin. The Ultrasonic Body Massager is highly effective on revitalizing blood circulation and soothing muscle pain.

  • Frequency: 1MHz
  • 15 Minutes automatic turn-off timer
  • Continuous or Pulse Emission
  • Intensity adjustable (High, Medium, Low)
  • Flat head: 6.5cm diameter
  • High frequency vibration for deep tissue penetration, regenerating cells and reducing wrinkles - all-purpose ultrasound for your face and body!
  • Added slimming lotion or cream, you can reduce body fat and tone muscles.

Dimension and Specs:  
 Power input  110V, 220V 50 / 60Hz ( Special Order for 220V)
 Output  24V DC, 150mA (Adaptor used)
 Power consumption  3W
 Frequency  1MHz
 Power  ON / OFF
 Output adjustable  Low, Medium, High
 Resonance  Pulse or Continue
 Head gauge  65mm
 Treatment area  30cm²
 Treatment depth  4cm ~ 5cm
 Timer setting  15 min. automatic shut-off
 Dimensions  185 x 55 x 60mm
Additional info  
Uses and Benefits  
Safety and precautions  
1. Wipe gently on the ultrasonic massager head with water or alcohol
2. The Ultrasonic Massager will automatically shut down after for 20 minutes. Push for a repeat treatment.
3. Use Ultrasonic Massager on muscles, tendons and ligaments only.
4. Avoid striking the ultrasonic massager head.
5. Do not apply the device near the eyes nor on areas where the skin is thin
6. Apply the Ultrasonic Massager by moving it in a spiral motion lightly. Do not leave the device on the same spot for over 3 seconds. Move the Ultrasonic Massager to another spot immediately when sensation of warmth is reached.

Prohibited Use If:
• Pregnancy
• Menstruation with metrorrhagia
• Delayed surgical wound healing
• Severely ill patients
• Children under age of 3 years
• Within 30 min. after meal
• Abnormal blood pressure
• Malignant tumor, cardiac illness, Convalescing period

USD $215.00    
Testimonial - What others say about Ultrasonic Body Massager

"In my medical opinion, the Ultrasonic Massager is an extremely efficient and useful home-care tool, especially for seniors who may find other massage equipment intimidating or difficult to use."
      — Dr. Norman Liang, Portland, Oregon

"Your machine has more uses than I can think of, I'm using it to relieve pain in different areas every time and my stiffness has really decreased, thanks to the Ultrasonic Massager..."

      — Derek Norris, New York

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