Ultrasonic Foot Massager UM3

Product Information

Ultrasonic Foot Massager is designed for foot massage only. High-speed vibration and heat effect are two properties. Ultrasound wave permeates into deep skin texture with transformed heat and micro vibration to reach the effect of ski cell revival circulatory acceleration of blood. Ultrasonic ACU-Massager excites the cells and strengthens tissue fibers, effectively preventing the aging process and recession. This is completely safe and no negative side effect.

- Pocket size, easy to take with
- Simple handle, suitable for everyone
- On/off switch: single button
- Auto timer setting off
Dimension and Specs

Power input: 15 / VDC
Adaptor: 110 / 220 V AC
Timing: 10 mins.
Output Mode: Pulse Wave
Switch: ON / OFF
Output frequency 0.5 MHz
Treatment area 3.8 cm 2
Dimensions: 50x45x190 mm
Weight: 200 gram

Additional info  
Uses and Benefits  
Safety and precautions  
IMPORTANT: the ultrasound device emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that it cannot be seen or felt by the surface of our skin - so don't think your Ultrasound Massager isn't working!

USD $249.00 USD $199.00    

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