Fyola Facial Massagers

Fyola is a proven effective natural skin care remedy. Skin treated with our revolutionary facial massager looks younger, because it is healthier from the inside out. Fyola massager is similar to the expensive facial machines used in beauty salons.

Environmental Friendly

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Product

Fyola Facial Massager - Benefits

anti aging skin care treatment facial massager
Reduce Wrinkles,Double and Furrow
Reduce Cellulite
anti aging skin care treatment product with lotion cream
Remove old cuticle, oiled waste out of pores
anti aging skin care treatment product with lotion cream
Enhance absorption of moisture & nutrition
anti aging skin care treatment product with lotion cream
Ultrasonic Waves + Galvanic Ion
anti aging skin care treatment product with lotion cream
Light Weight & Portable (cordless)
anti aging skin care treatment supplement

Fyola Facial Massager

Now you can have this advanced beauty skin care product at your home!

Fyola is skin care device that includes an artificial intelligence controller to help you remove skin waste by using ultrasonic waves. In addition, Fyola facial massager enhances the absorption nutrition deep into you skin by using galvanic ions.

Fyola has proven to create and maintain a clean and healthy skin. Fyola can also be used to control body fat by massaging the skin tissues.

Fyola facial massager has 6 different modes:

1. Cleansing
2. Massaging
3. Nutrition
4. Lifting
5. Whitening
6. Wrinkle Care

your skin and facial massager   ultrasonic facial massager enhances the absorption vitamin C
A. Your skin blocks the absorption of nourishment products
B. Fortunately, Fyola enhances the absorption of nourishment products

skin massager - ultrasonic facial massager

A basic understanding of human skin

Human skin tissues consist of an outermost epidermis (epidermal layer), fibrous dermis (dermal layer) and adipose hypodermis (hypodermis layer) that regenerates every 28-day. The skin barrier is very important in order to protect your skin, however it also has a negative affect in respect to beauty treatments, because it interferes with the absorption of nourishment products such as creams and lotions.

Fyola facial massager

How Fyola (Ionzyme) can help your Skin?

Fyola enhances the absorption of nutriments by bringing the nourishment products deep into your skin using the anode (+) and the cathode (-) as of electric currents. This will reduce the pimples on your face and enhance the skin whitening.

Ultrasonic Function
Fyola is a unique beauty skin care product, which activates your healthy skin cells and tissues through a million of micro vibrations per second. Ultrasonic waves give you an elastic and healthy skin through its washing-away thermo-vibrations.

What are the benefits of Fyola (Ionzyme) ?
"Ionzyme" is a new skin-care method, which removes skin wastes and enhances the absorption of nourishment products by using the electrophoresis method and ultrasonic waves.

By using "Ionzyme", Fyola facial massager can reduce pimples, freckles, skin dryness/oiliness and tighten drooped eye pouches in much shorter time than conventional facial massagers. It also contract hair pores so you can have a healthy and clean skin, along with a beautiful and elastic body figure.

Ionzyme involves the use of an electrical current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin. With conventional iontophoresis, changes are very much slower, whereas with the Fyola Facial massager, you will notice that your skin looks and feels firm and tight after two or three treatments.

fyola facial massager

Why use a Gel with Facial Massager?
A gel is needed to conduct the ultrasonic waves deep into the skin. Research shows that the transmission pro portion of ultrasonic waves in the air is 0%, about 50% in general water, 60% in distilled water, near 70% in glue matter, and above 70% in special conductive gel. Besides, another positive effect of ultrasonic wave is the promotion of skin absorbing nutrition. A gel enhances the transmission of ultrasonic waves into your skin.

For best results, apply conducting gel or water soluble lotion to the area to be treated (they must be certified by hygiene organization). Do NOT apply oily cream when using ultrasonic waves.

How to use Fyola Massager?

1. Apply gel or lotion
Apply a suitable amount of water soluble gel or lotion (a circle with 2 cm diameter) on the facial head or your skin.

Do not use cream!
put gel on Fyola facial massager

2. Switch the power ON

3. Choose the right mode

- Cleansing
- Massaging
- Nutrition
- Lifting
- Whitening
- Wrinkle Care
cleansing mode Fyola facial massager

4 Select Ultrasonic, Galvanic Ion or both

Select ultrasonic wave mode to remove waste inside your skin or galvanic ion mode to enhance the absorption of ingredients (Vitamin C) into your skin.

For best results select both the ulrasound and ion mode. When ultrasonic and galvanic ion mode are used at the same time, the permission through the out skin layer will be 77 times better than using the ultrasonic mode or galvanic mode separately.

3. Move the facial head around your face
Move the treatment head of the facial massager in circle following the formation of the muscles. See illustrations for the directions. Do not stop moving the treatment head in use, about the rate of 5 centimeters within 1 second. The power would shut off automatically.

how to used fyola facial massager
move the fyola face massager around your cheeks
slowly strike the face massagers around nose

4. Wash your face
After using the facial massager, clean your skin with water or tissue papers

6. Clean the Fyola Facial Massager
Clean the treatment head with tissue papers after use.

organic and natural anti aging skin care treatment Specifications - Fyola
Ultrasonic Frequency: 1 Mhz

Galvanic Ion: YES


Wireless: YES

Treatment Area: 4 cm 2

Power: AC 100V/220V, 50/60Hz


7(L) x 1.5(W) x 1.57(D) inch

16(L) x 3(W) x 4 (D) cm

200 gram

facial massager review
Safety & Cautions

The following persons should NOT us the facial massager:

- Are pregnant
- Have a pacemaker
- Have cancerous tumor(s)
- Have heart disease

natural anti aging skin care treatment from beauty salonFunctions Explained

Step 1 - Cleansing Mode

The cleansing mode of the facial massager removes skin waste, keratin or sebum. The cleansing mode of the Fyola Facial Massager gives you a clean and clear skin through Ionzyme by using galvanic ion and ultrasonic waves together.

facial massager -lifting
The Cleansing mode forces keratin, sebum and other skin waste to be scattered up on the epidermis and dermis off the epidermal layer by dissolving them.

Step 2 - Massaging Mode

Massaging mode of Fyola helps make skin tissues elastic and more beautiful. It stimulates the metabolism by using positive/negative ions and ultrasonic waves together. The massaging mode activates your skin cells.

facial massager -cleansing
Massaging your skin will make the skin more elastic and healthy by activating skin cells and tissues on the epidermal and dermal layer through a quick stir of positive ions and negative ions, and therefore promoted the regeneration of basal cells.

Step 3 - Nutrition Mode

Use the nutrition mode of Fyola to moisturize your skin by bringing the nutrition products deep into your skin tissues through ionic inducements

Fyola facial massager - nitrition

Step 4 - Lifting Tight

Lifting mode of the Fyola massager makes your skin tissues elastic and more beautiful. It activates the elastin fibers and collagen by using positive/ negative ions and ultrasonic waves.

facial massager
Use the lifting mode to reduce wrinkles and make your skin tissues more elastic. By using the lifting mode of the facial massager, it will tighten your sagging facial muscle by using positive and negative ions.

Step 5 - Whitening Mode

Whitening mode makes your skin more clear and sheer by bringing the nutrition products deep into the skin tissues through galvanic-ionic and ultrasonic waves.

Whitening evens skin tone, smoothes skin texture, reduces ruddiness, fades freckles.

facial massager - whitening

Step 6 - Wrinkle Care Mode

Wrinkle care mode reduces the wrinkles of your face. It makes your skin cells tissues more elastic and beautiful by activating skin cells through ultrasonic vibrations and positive/negative ions (galvanic ion).

facial massager - wrinkle care

Fyola Facial Massager

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